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2015 Smartphone Reviews in Canada

The best smartphones are hard to find – so check out some of our Canadian User reviews of the latest Smartphones and Cellphones in 2015. It will prove to be highly helpful in deciding which mobile to buy and choose as per your needs. Since its inception, the smart phones are completely a rage. There are certain things that you should look for in the Smartphone reviews. Do not just look for the looks. Following are the important things that you must look for while reading these Smartphone reviews from real users in Canada. A lot of people are excited for the latest Android update – and well now its here and on fire. Samsung, LG, HTC and more are all jumping on the update. The phones perform better and faster, also the new interface is clean along with over the air updates so no more hassle of losing all your settings, apps and files.

The market is really competitive when it comes to smart phones. Operating system is the major aspect to read in the Smartphone reviews Canada. There are several OS software platforms around that include Android, Symbian, iOS for iPhone, webOS for Palm phones and BlackBerry OS. Every single operating system has its own weaknesses and strengths. Compare the Smartphone reviews Canada to get the best deal for you. The navigation must be easy and fast.

Keep one thing in mind that it is not necessary that a smart phone having maximum apps is the best. Smartphone reviews Canada will help you know the apps collection of different smart phones available in Canada. The mobile must be able to support every single essential and best application meant for smart phones. Smartphone reviews Canada must be considered and approached.

Give priority to software, not specs:

Yes, Smartphone reviews Canada will let you know whether your choice is fast enough in its functions or not. The best smart phone is the one that runs like a champ. Even in low budget it should not suffer from bugs. There is no point to compromise. Smartphone reviews Canada has the answer for you. The Samsung Galaxy holds just 5MP camera but the speed with which it works is awesome. Always give priority to its utilities and software configuration in the Smartphone reviews Canada.

Connectivity gets good consideration in the Smartphone reviews Canada. It must be capable to connect over Wi-Fi, 3G and must provide GPS location skills. What is the benefit of buying a smart phone if you are not bale use its internet in high quality and latest connections?

Smartphone reviews Canada offers you the specs like touch screen, buttons and touch facilities. Price makes a lot of difference. Thus, read the Smartphone reviews Canada carefully and choose the best option in best budget.

We are your Canadian source for mobile smartphones in Canada. If you looking to buy a smartphone and don’t know which one to get – check out the reviews on this site to help determine the best phone for you based on carrier, dependability, connection, qwerty, battery life, touch screen and many more factors.

In Canada the main SmartPhone Carriers are:

  • Koodo Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile Canada
  • Solo Mobile
  • Videotron Mobile
  • WIND Mobile
  • Public Mobile
  • Mobilicity
  • Rogers Wireless
  • Bell
  • Telus Mobility
  • Fido

Top Smartphone Brands in Canada are:

  1. Samsung
  2. Apple
  3. LG
  4. Sony
  5. Motorola
  6. Blackberry
  7. HTC
  8. Palm